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The suite's many tools dig deep into your computer to defrag the hard drive, repair the registry, and perform other performance-enhancing tasks.

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If your PC isn't booting or loading applications at the same pace that it did when you first unboxed it, download Iolo System Mechanic. This excellent tune-up utility improves your PC's performance by defragging the hard drive, deleting junk files, tweaking CPU and RAM usage in real time, and executing other computer-enhancing tasks. The latest version improves several longtime features, while adding a revamped, attractive interface. Iolo System Mechanic is pricier than some competing products—Windows 10's integrated tune-up tools are free—but it comes packed with features and an ease of use that make it worth the money.

Unlike most PC tune-up utilities, Iolo System Mechanic lets you install the software on any number of computers, provided that it's not for business purposes. That's a welcome benefit in the age of the multi-PC home.

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As noted earlier Windows 10 includes a handful of built-in tune-up utilities that you may want to check out if you don't want to spend money on third-party software. The upside? The tools are free and effective! The downside? The tools are a bit scattered across different operating system areas and lack some of the features found in third-party tools.

Additionally, Iolo System Mechanic manages to best Windows 10's tools in a few ways that I'll highlight in this review's Performance Improvements section. Iolo System Mechanic's interface has several options in the left pane with their own individual subcategories. In those subcategories are specific clean-up tools, but you can also initiate a one-click tune-up.

I won't discuss all of them, as there are many, but I will highlight a few here. The Overview screen opens by default after you launch Iolo System Mechanic.

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It's here that the Repair Now button appears if Iolo detects a problem. Clicking the icon causes Iolo to launch the appropriate system-fixing tool, such as a hard drive defragger. Ultra Performance Mode focuses all processor cores on the task at hand and turns off nonessential background programs. As a result, I had a slightly smoother gaming experience with fewer slowdowns when the action became fast and furious.

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You can manually switch the power settings and create your own power-management profiles, too. This prevents Microsoft from collecting and sharing your personal information. It also lets you disable Windows 10 services that share your Wi-Fi network connections with your contacts, as well as those that collect information regarding your web surfing habits, program usage, and more. You can deactivate those options using Windows 10, but these options are buried in the operating system's settings menus.

I like that Iolo makes them easily accessible.

Program Accelerator, which smartly realigns all of a program's dependent files on the hard drive, is touted as being better than disk defragmenters. Program Accelerator took approximately 10 minutes to get the job done, and, when it was finished working, I discovered that it had realigned thousands of files and hundreds of file fragments. There are also a ton of other tools packed into the suite, such as AcceleWrite a real-time feature that helps organize the way data is written to the PC's HDD or SSD , IntelliStatus which displays RAM and hard drive information and serves up cleaning tools , and Stability Guard a tool that stops system threats using algorithms.

PowerSense is a feature that dynamically senses PC activity and automatically adjusts the computer's power settings and processor modes in real time to match the task at hand. I tested Iolo System Mechanic's ability to whip a PC back into shape by performing two tests—running the Geekbench system performance tool and measuring boot times—before and after running the tune-up utility to compare the computer's speed. I ran each test three times, and then averaged the numbers.

The boot time dropped to a respectable 1 minute and 8 seconds, while the Single-Core, Multi-Core, and Compute Score numbers rose to 1,, 6,, and ,, respectively. In fact, the new boot time represented the lowest start time I've seen on my new testbed — by a hair. Ashampoo WinOptimizer caused the rig to boot in 1 minute and 10 seconds, AVG TuneUp posted a 1 minute and 11 second load, and the default Windows 10 tune-up tools caused the machine to boot in 1 minute and 14 seconds.

So, what do these numbers mean in everyday use? Snappier performance. Chrome, Steam, iTunes, and other resource-heavy applications opened with ease after a tune-up. I could feel the difference. However, there was one area that didn't see a performance boost: internet speed.

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Iolo claims that System Mechanic can speed up your PC's internet connection, but I didn't see a significant improvement that couldn't be explained by normal fluctuations when I ran Speedtest by Ookla. As you can see, Iolo System Mechanic placed first in two of the four categories. That's because Windows 10's default tune-up utilities claimed the number one spot in the Single-Core and Compute Score tests with its 1, and 6, marks, respectively.

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