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A nearly new phone is similar. Compare refurbished phone deals. Compare all iPhone deals. Need the latest Samsung Galaxy phone? Happy with an older model? Compare all Galaxy deals. Compare all SIM only deals.

What is a Cashback Deal?

Cashback phone deals allow you to claim back some of the money you spent on your contract. They can be a good way to save money. Free gifts available with phone contracts typically include high-street vouchers, Amazon Gift Cards and smartwatches. You can also find phone deals with free PlayStation 4 consoles, tablets and smart TVs. Compare phone deals with free gifts.

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Why should I choose a contract phone?

Shop by network. Shop by manufacturer. Popular contract phones Samsung Galaxy S The Pros and Cons of Cashback There are both good and bad sides to cashback deals. Note down what you will be required to do. Pay special attention to when a claim can be filed, how it can be filed, and what you are required to attach to a claim including the number of bills, in which format, etc.

Also, be aware that some companies make you file multiple claims perhaps even one a month so watch out for that too. Ensure that the company you are going through has a good reputation.

Best Mobile Phone Deals in the UK for October

You can do this by reading consumer reviews. In general, big names are more reliable. Some mobile operators do offer cashback deals directly, we at TigerMobiles also offer some cashback deals, as do various other third-party sites. Check those reviews and see what kind of experience other consumers have had! Remember that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Do the math. You may well be better off just paying full price for a smaller contract, particularly if your cashback claim gets denied. Always consider the fact that your claim may well be denied. Increase Your Chance of Filing a Successful Cashback Claim If you do decide to go with a cashback deal, then there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of filing a successful claim: Again, read all the terms and conditions of your contract carefully and be absolutely sure of what is required of you.

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Try and get any answers in writing. Use the calendar app on your phone or a regular calendar to mark down the dates when you will need to fill out claims and send them in.

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  6. Keep ALL your mobile bills. If possible keep electronic copies as well as paper copies. Prepare your claim well in advance. This should include a copy of the original contract along with all the terms and conditions. You should also include any evidence you have that you have fulfilled the terms and conditions mobile bills, postage receipts from filing claims. If you feel that the deal was advertised falsely, you should also try to get evidence of this screenshots, flyers, whatever you can find.

    Company First: The first place you should go with all your evidence is the company itself. Contact the company and tell them your issue, providing them with copies of your evidence.

    Compare mobile phone deals

    You may find that the problem is resolved, or that you are told the exact reason why you were denied. Again, you can ONLY do this if your deal came straight from a mobile operator. Legal Services: If you did not get your deal from a mobile operator, then there are still laws that may apply to help you such as Trading Standards. However, you will probably need legal advice to take your case further. Cashback Deals: The Bottom Line A cashback deal can be a great way to save money, as long as you read your deal carefully and abide by what might be very complicated terms and conditions.

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