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You can find some of the best Temporary Tattoos discounts, promo codes and coupons at Giving Assistant to help save even more money on Temporary Tattoos orders online. All orders for custom tattoos are guaranteed to ship within five business days. An exception applies to orders on special effects tattoos. The total cost of shipping will also vary accordingly.

The focus is on the products and techniques needed to create a waterproof, smudge-proof beauty makeup and tattoo coverage application. From prepping the canvas for waterproof beauty to seamlessly covering tan lines and tattoos, this class will teach you how to create a long-lasting, non-transferable makeup for the most durable and extreme makeup requests. Each makeup artist will receive a KETT.

The Kett Master Class features live makeup demonstrations by Sheila McKenna using her unique illustration airbrush techniques for beauty makeup, couture looks, tattoo cover and water proof makeup. Here at Summer Sheen we do a full consultation and offer a money back guarantee if your results lacked based on something on our behalf. It is your personal preference and comfort level.

Some choose to wear bottoms, go nude or wear a swimsuit. You can wear as much or as little as you want to your session. We do offer disposable thongs if you choose. Men must wear bottoms no exceptions. Some people go a few shades darker brown, some may just get a glow. We will always do a consultation with you when you come in to match your desired tone even if you are a regular. This question is typically asked by men and not to worry! Yes, your tan will look totally even. Coupon Codes (15% discount) - October promo codes for Temporarytattoos

If you have any concerns please address them before your appointment. Thankfully it only happens until the first or second rinse. Salt water is a natural exfoliant but will not strip your tan.


Salt does however dry your skin faster and make your skin cells exfoliate faster. We recommend wearing a waterproof sunblock, which will help protect your skin. You will not physically see your spray tan coming of in the ocean. The best thing to help your tan last longer when going in pools or hot tubs is wearing a waterproof sunblock. It helps protect your skin from the chemicals. You will not physically see your spray tan coming of in the pool or Jacuzzi but it will dry your skin out and make the tan fade faster. At Summer Sheen we spray tan many mommies to be on a weekly basis, h owever it is your responsibility to contact your doctor for permission.

Although the active ingredient is FDA approved we cannot make the determination if it is safe for your particular situation. Spray tans should be one of the last services you get before an event if possible. If you are doing pedicures or manicures the same day as your appointment make sure NO lotions are applied. If you must get them done after the spray tan appointment please do a polish change only.

You may be able to find body washes, lotions and scrubs at a big-box store for a couple dollars less, but you might be risking your color. A sugar scrub prep you get there may contain oils that sit on the skin and prevent the proper solution absorption. A gradual self-tanner you get to extend your tan might not contain the same high amounts of moisturizing ingredients or DHA as a professional salon product. The drug store body washes usually contain sulfates or heavy fragrances, which can strip your color.

They cost less because they are not the same quality that professionals use. A spray tan will not affect the coloring of tattoos and will just look like a normal tan would from the sun. If you have a fresh tattoo it is best to wait at least 10 days. Not completely. We recommend you do not wear any make up to your appointment. A few hours after your appointment you are able to put on light make up if needed on eyes and lips but not the skin directly. Schedule your tan today!

Call or Make a Reservation Online. Interested in starting your own business? Summer Sheen offers a variety of spray tanning courses that will turn you into a Pro in no time! Running a mobile spray tanning business is perfect for the person looking to be their own boss or for someone who wants to make extra cash in their free-time. The possibilities are truly endless.

We have the knowledge and tools to make it happen. Perfect Results Every time Select your level of tan that'll show off your curves. Learn More. Make a Reservation. Our Customers People love Summer Sheen spray tanning for our top rated customer service and affordable prices.

See what everyone is saying about Summer Sheen Spray Tan. Five Stars on Yelp with over Reviews. Frequently Asked Questions. How does Spray Tanning work?

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Wiki Origin : Dihydroxyacetone DHA is obtained by the fermentation of certain sugars, like sugar cane and beet sugars. How long does a spray tan take? How long is my tan going to last?

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Do I need to make an appointment? When can I shave? Can I put my bra back on after my tan? Will I look orange? I have an event coming up when should I get my spray tan done? What if I have a very fair skin that has never been able to tan? What happens the day of my spray tan? Will spray tan protect me from getting sunburned? Will the solution stain my clothing and sheets? What is the difference between a handheld spray tan by an artist and a spray tan booth? I have had a bad experience with a spray tan before.

Should I assume that spray tanning is not for me?