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Don't have an account yet? Register now! This means that the prices of food items and other consumables have gone up considerably making it difficult for the average person to eat three square meals a day. Inflation has been on the rise for 12 months.

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In the market place prices of various food items such as yams, garri, palm oil, fruits and vegetables, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels as well as, fuels and lubricants for personal transport equipment and education increased considerably in the last three months. A medium-sized basket of fresh pepper now sells for N10, A jute bag of onions goes for N12, A four-litre paint measurement of garri that sold for N is now N At the Daleko Market, Isolo, the prices of the various brands of a kilogramme bag of rice ranges from N17, to N25, A bag of lower grades of rice which sold for N9, in December , sold for N13 in April this year is now about N20, A five litre of groundnut oil which was selling for N1, before, is now selling for N2, , while its 3.

A 4 litre keg of groundnut oil previously selling for N1, now goes for N3,, just as a big keg which formerly sold for N6, , now stands at N10, At the aforementioned markets, a litre keg of palm oil that sold for N6, is now selling for N15, , while a bottle which was selling at N before, now sells at N Also a big basin of garri which had sold for N1, now sells for N9, while one paint bucket of it which was selling for N now sells for N A five kilogram and 10 Kilogram of semovita which was selling for N1, and N3, before, now sells for N4, and N6,, respectively, even as the price of a five kilogramme bail of wheat which previously sold for N now goes for N1, A kilogramme bag of beans costs N24, The rate of price increases rose to Prices of goods and service rose generally by 0.

Communication and Restaurants and Hotels recorded the slowest pace of growth in October, growing at 5. During the month, all major food groups which contribute to the Food sub-index increased with fruits recording the slowest pace of increase at During the month, the highest increases were seen in. We think issues such as the title of the Itsekiri monarchy and the ownership of Warri are both of personal interest to Itsekiri people and irrelevant to the crisis in Warri. As we indicated when we submitted our proposals for the agenda, we have not been delegated by Itsekiri leadership to speak or enter into any agreement on matters that are of personal interest to Itsekiri people.

However, we feel confident that we can and are willing to join our neighbors in discussion of substantive issues of common interest. We would like to note that Itsekiri communities in Ijaw and Urhobo homelands accord traditional rulers in those areas their every due respect.

The least we deserve is reciprocity. Nonetheless, for the sake of civility and in our spirit of serious desire for peace in the region, we adduce these final reasons for our position that the title of the Itsekiri monarchy and the ownership of Warri are indisputable. We hope others will reciprocate our good faith if they cannot provide supportive evidence to impeach our claim.

There is extensive evidence that after founding Warri Kingdom in the late fifteenth century, the Itsekiri monarch always bore the title to indicate his rulership over the land occupied by his people. According to Professor P. Lloyd, a British anthropologist, in a section on Itsekiri co-authored with R. Bradbury in the.

Warri and Itsekiri have been spelt in many different though recognizable ways by European writers e. Historical accounts show usage of several anglicized versions of the name and references to the Olu of Warri. Ryder on page 14 of his work, Missionary Activity in the Kingdom of Warri to the early 19 th century, in collaboration with a six-man editorial board headed by Dr.

Kenneth O. Following the death of Olu Akengbuwa II, who reigned as Olu of Warri, in , there was an eighty-eight-year interregnum during which there were no Olus crowned in Warri. In that period, Warri or Itsekiri country was ruled by governors, who were mostly powerful merchants. For administrative purposes, provinces were created throughout the new country. Predictably, the change was denounced by notable Nigerian personalities who were not even Itsekiri. Nnamdi Azikiwe, then a newspaper publisher, wrote as follows in the West African Pilot of May 14, It is noteworthy that, after a riot and an inquiry in , Chief Obafemi Awolowo invited both Itsekiri and Urhobo delegations to present their case for and against the Itsekiri monarch being called the Olu of Warri.

The late Chief M. Okorodudu presented the Itsekiri case based on historical facts and common sense. Chief P. Tobiowo spoke for the Urhobos but did not dispute the historicity of the Itsekiri claim. Both the Urhobo delegate and the Government accepted this compromise. This was then presented to the Western House of Assembly in Ibadan where it was debated and adopted. The name of the province was therefore changed to Delta and title of the Olu of Warri reverted to its original form.

Ijaws never protested against the title and Urhobos accepted the confinement of the power of the Olu to Warri — the Itsekiri homeland. Warri Kingdom, a sq. The area is also known as Itsekiri country. The Warri metropolis, a comparatively recent development, is usually referred to as New Warri in deference to Big Warri, the other name for Ode-Itsekiri, the capital of the kingdom. History is replete with accounts and documentation of Warri as Itsekiri homeland or country.

Notable historians from Professor Kenneth O.

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N and long. With the advent of British rule, provinces were created. Warri Province was administered from Warri as one judicial, administrative and political unit. Quite understandably, the other ethnic groups protested being part of a singular administrative unit.

Following researches into ethnic and clan system by administrative officers — Intelligence Reports and Court decisions- the unified structure was dismantled and separate Native Administrations were established based on homeland concept. A Warri Division later Warri Local Government Area was established in the Itsekiri homeland which, for historical reasons, also contained some settler enclaves inhabited mostly by Ijaws and Urhobos.

The homeland concept led to the emergence of Divisional Councils in Professor Lloyd states as follows:. The Administrative Unit know as the Warri Division of the Delta Province, … includes groups of Ijaw settlements in the extreme North and South and of Urhobo settlements in the Southeast; the latter, however, are subordinate to the Itsekiri rulers. Neighbors of the Itsekiri are …. There is little doubt that Agbassa-Oto, …. Probably of a peaceful disposition, as there are no traces of any war-like tendencies, there was a general exodus from the parent town, owing to oppression and enslavement by neighboring Agbadu and Ukpe, Sobos.

Three distinct parties set out — one settled near Warri and called their town Agbassa- a second settled in the neighborhood of Jesse, and the third at Warigi Waterside, which place they named Iro. The time was probably somewhere between and , though there are no striking events by which the exact date can be fixed. One of the settlers in the first few years- Emitan- brought with him his son Akojewe, then a small boy. This is now one of the quarters in Warri. That from the earliest times and during recent years the Agbassa rendered service to the defendant as overlord….

They are claiming the overlordship of the greater part of Warri as against the defendant who represents the Jekri tribe. The defendant in his representative capacity is at present the officially recognized owner of the land in dispute and Government has leased a considerable area of land in Warri from him in that capacity. That they have since increased in numbers, wealth and importance until now they feel themselves strong enough to impugn the title of the overlord…. I consider that this appeal should be dismissed.

Dissatisfied, the Agbassa appealed to the Privy Council in London. The appeal was listed as 65 of The judgement delivered in was as follows 4 :. Justice Webber in an action in which the appellant was plaintiff and the respondents were defendants. It was an action brought by the plaintiffs on behalf of a tribe or sub-tribe in that district of the Agbassa people claiming territorial rights over land known as the Agbassa land in the Warri district to the Southern Province of Nigeria. The dispute was between the plaintiff representing the Agbassa people and the defendants representing another tribe or sub-tribe of the Jekri people claiming to be overlords of this territory.

The respondents must have the cost of the appeal. Their tenure of the land occupied by them is therefore subject to the incident of customary tenancy. It is fool-hardy on the part of the part of the second claimants…. They are in fact and in law the legal owners of the land in the occupation of the Agbassa Community, who occupy the same subject to the usual incidents of customary tenancy, such as being of good behavior and not attempting to alienate any interest therein to strangers without the knowledge and authority of their overlord.

Any infraction of such incidents would immediately expose the offender to the full rigors of forfeiture which may be granted in a proper case. Instances are not wanting in the law reports of forfeiture having been decreed in certain circumstances…. We are satisfied that the approach of the learned trial judge to the issue under consideration was correct and that his decision is unimpeachable.

It is right. Once a party gets a final judgement in his favor before a Court of competent jurisdiction, such a judgement is effective, conclusive and binding on the parties and their privies and can only be upset on appeal. Okere, which the Agbassa Urhobo excluded when in they claimed to rest of the present day Warri township, has six idimis or quarters, of which Idimi Sobo is the smallest and newest. By when most of Idimi Sobo were still farmlands, there was nothing known as Okere-Sobo. All Okere have one head Chief each time, and according to Okere tradition he must descend paternally from Ogitsi, the founder of the Community.

No head Chief of Okere has ever come from the Okumagba family. It is true that the Okumagba family won a possessory title to Similarly it is submitted that the plaintiff failed to prove that any of the other suits relied upon related to the land now in dispute….. We note that no one disputes the fact that the Ibru family is from Agbarho.

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However, the family owns extensive acreage of land in Okirigwe, near Sapele, that is well in excess of the In our view, the immediate crisis in Warri is one of disregard for the rule of law. The underlying problem is the abject neglect of and poverty in the region. These are the issues we thought the Congress should spend its time on. The title of the Olu of Warri has been established by long tradition and it is of personal concern to Itsekiris who must be left to determine what to call their monarchy.

Itsekiri ownership of Warri is indisputable. The stance on local government creation also derives from the ownership of Warri Acknowledgement and condemnation of heinous acts of atrocity committed in Warri metropolis and the riverine areas. Maintenance of mutual respect for the territorial integrity, culture, custom and heritage of ethnic nationalities in the region. To reverse trend of deleterious ecological effect of oil exploration and exploitation in the Niger Delta. To seek to retain a greater portion of the revenue from oil exploitation activities in the region.

We re-state our willingness to participate in discussions on these issues of mutual interest to Itsekiris and others in the region. Its GOOD NEWS you too, can earn passive income monthly even if you are not employed you can pay yourself some salary every month and even if you are employed you can make more income and add this to the streams of income that you already have and like you know multiple stream of income is the sure way to go if you must meet up with raising inflation and unstable economic indices.

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The ASI, which fell by 1. This is the highest point the ASI reached so far this year. Similarly, market capitalisation added N Zenith Bank rose by 4. A total of 37 stocks appreciated as against 10 that depreciated. Also, activity level strengthened as volume and value traded rose Analysts have said the new forex policy will attract inflow of foreign portfolio investments FPIs.

They also added that it would impact positively on corporate earnings of many companies. S Dollar receivables to benefit from this development. Meanwhile, companies with Naira receivables but with dollar denominated financial obligations without any hedging strategy in place will record exchange rate losses. Some of the companies operating in the power sector may fall into this category.

They may require additional bailout very soon if they have to improve power generation and distribution in the country. In addition, the impact of this may be transferred to the banking sector in the form of increase in the non-performing loans. But the opening of the foreign exchange inter-bank market and the futures market will create additional activities in the inter-bank market, with banks earning additional income.

They added that introduction of the forex Futures market should reduce the frontloading of forex and consequently in the spot market. The introduction of a forward market to hedge volatility in the foreign exchange market, and the licensing of foreign exchange primary dealers are well commended innovations, which we believe will deepen the market. The currency peg of the past 16 months resulted in a dearth of dollar currency and prompted large scale capital flight with the attendant growth challenges in the economy.

Foreign inflows into the capital market dropped by 32 per cent in , as reported by the Nigerian Stock Exchange NSE , while the benchmark equity index fell by 17 per cent this year. The exclusion of the items supports the infant industry argument. CIS believes that an admixture strategy of the floating foreign exchange policy, an intensive export promotion drive, support for the infant industry argument and pump priming will give fillip to the economy.

According to NERC, the resolve to start sanctioning the firms from the fourth quarter of this year is sequel to the rising complaints from all categories of electricity customers over estimated bills, which they consider to be irreconcilable with the available power supply on the networks. The regulator stated that it came up with the directive after reaching an agreement with the Discos during a meeting it had with them on metering. Maximum demand electricity customers are those connected to the 11KV lines and are mostly with their dedicated transformers. But the commission, in its latest directive, observed that most of the Discos had refused to accept maximum demand customers under the CAPMI scheme.

It, however, stated that the maximum demand customers were fewer in number than the other categories of customers, and their cases should easily have been dispensed with by the Discos. It further directed the power distribution companies to ensure that customers in the electricity supply industry were effectively managed. The regulator advised electricity consumers to explore its complaint and redress mechanism rather than resort to jungle justice in settling disputes with officials of electricity distribution companies.

The All Share Index closed at 30, Volume traded increased by 1.

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    Inspirational Person: Toju Adelaja, Equal rights advocate. She believes this topic is of utmost importance, not only to women, but to the world at large. She currently lives in England, but grew up in Nigeria. Toju, at such a young age, you seem to have really explored the issues facing the world today, and have been courageous enough to tackle some of them, such as gender equality. Where was your passion for gender equality born? My passion for gender equality was born at home. Although I love my family, I was told that I should move and compromise my life — all for one ultimate purpose, to get married.

    That was the spark. What is one success story that has inspired you recently about gender equality, and why did it inspire you? After many years, Margaret decided to expose this deception, going through both a divorce and lawsuit in the process. It made me realize that, in a time where women standing up for themselves was unheard of, Margaret had the courage to push forward for what she believed in.

    Who am I not to stand up? I have nothing holding me back. What are some initiatives that could help to encourage gender equality Schools could educate about human rights and gender based discrimination. I remember an instance where we were taught some rapists go without charge because their victims were wearing short skirts in an attempt to influence students clothing choice. To encourage gender equality, girls should be educated about their rights and working towards solutions to real world issues that will affect them.

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    Campbell town — para hills kn 5. Perth — armadale 6. Inglewood- stirling lion. IRAME — If they do, they will not compromise our land for peace sake. Please let us read these case so that in future we will be able to speak with authority on who owns these lands. In Suit No. The true position is that the Ijaw inhabitants of Bakokodia and its environs came from Westem Ijaw and were permitted by Chanomi Iye on the authority of Omadino people to settle there.

    Ademola J. As the Ijaws persisted in demanding tributes and rents from those using the land and fishing in the rivers, Omadino people, represented by Chief Sillo and Edremoda Golly, sued Adurumokumor on behalf of Bakokodia people in suit No. The court awarded damages for trespass against the Ijaws who, according to the Judge, were put on the land by Omadino people who acknowledged the overlordship rights of the Olu of Warri.

    See Suits Nos. Okenrenghigho, another Ijaw settlement in Gbaramatu also fell under the axe of the Omadino people. In suit No. Sowewimo and Ibekwe J. They lost. The effect of these judgements is that the most of Gbaramatu area is populated by Ijaws who are customary tenants on lands owned by Omadino people under the Overlordship of the Olu of Warri. The whole of the lands including, Benikurukuru and, bordering the Omadino part of Gbaramatu, is adjudged to be Ugborodo land.

    This double in separation with very high capacity cost 80 to 85 Thousand naira here but we can help you get it for just naira only call now to other Why Sapele should be in proposed Oduduwa Republic Isekiri —Yoruba owned Sapele from Adam To settle the issue of overlordship, we have to look at many parameters. When the court says there is no sign of Isekiri overlordship, it erred.

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    Overlordship is about domination and control. It might not be actual occupation. It can still be outright occupation. It might mean a form of internal colonization, where a relatively superior people lord it over a relatively inferior people. Omolewa , Ikime Obayemi , Alagoa , among others delineate the position of Isekiri vis a vis the Okpe and other Delta-Edoid groups.

    The circumstances of the evolution of the Isekiri kingdom is expressly stated — Ginuwa a prince and heir apparent and the Edaiken of Uselu left Benin and established his kingdom in the riverine area. He moved very closely in areas such as Oruselemo, Amatu, Ugborodo, and EfurOkpe in present Oghara axis etc, all these are in the vicinity of present Isekiri homeland. On the other hand, the so called founder of the Okpe tribe Igboze never visited the present Okpe land.

    Independent football newsletter

    He was not a prince, he was not an heir apparent, he was but a hunter and a native doctor. He died in Olomu about kms from the present Okpe land. His son Okpe was not a king either, and the leader of the founders of Orere Okpe, Orhue, was a mere native doctor, without any royal blood in him. Ifa While the Isekiri controlled the long distance trade route, Alagoa , , Ediyekio , Moore Roth Ifiedora , Ikime Mary Nkanta , Conton etc, the Okpe never had control of any long distance trade route.

    It was a closed undeveloped and unprogressive society. Mary Kingsley described Warri and Calabar as exporting cloth Mary Sales of bead and its manufacturing were talked about Roth No major scientific or technological feat was recorded among the Okpe. I looked at the trees which were immensely high and not less than thirty feet in circumference. The blacks told me that these are the ones they use to construct their canoes.

    They cut them down by burning the base; they hollow them out by the same method; that is how they give them the shape they have in the water. You can meet canoes up to sixty feet long and ten feet wide. Crossbars every five or six feet, fixed at either end by fibres, held the canoes together; these fibres are stronger than ropes and never come loose.

    At the two ends of each crossbar a swivel gun is mounted. I have seen canoes with twenty swivel guns, a hundred armed men and forty rowers. They fly over the water by the help of a marvellous skill and make more than three leagues an hour. The blacks call them warships. All what the Okpe had was tapping of palm wine, hunting and subsistence farming Osume If these two peoples Okpe and Isekiri met in historical time and they did, it is not difficult to know who will overlord who.

    There are legions of reasons posed by a plethora of writers why kingdoms developed in one place and not in others. But one reason is most prominent — no single kingdom developed outside long distance trade routes Horton ; Obayemi All the great kingdoms Benin, Ife, Oyo, Igala, Abor, etc could boast of more advanced technology, art work than their stateless societies. Hence in the Niger delta area, a plethora of writers — Roth , Cyril punch Ikime, Alagoa etc have declared the Isekiri as exceptionally witty, pioneers of religion, cleverer than the Binis one of the greatest empires in the forest region etc.